Privacy Policy / Terms of Use

By using Cactie's services in any form:
you agree to the following privacy policy / terms of use
and the storage of necessary functional data.

1. The information that is stored

- Your Guild's Id for guild-specific data such as settings
- UserId for punishments and vote data
- MessageId for reaction roles (only messages with reaction roles)
- All information set in your guild's settings are stored

2. Why this information is stored and how its used

- guildId to keep track of which settings are for which guild
- userId if you have been banned/muted from a guild by Cactie, it gets deleted afterwards.
- userId if you have voted to make sure you are able to use certain features that you can only use after voting.
- messageId of reaction role messages for the bot to match the reactions associated message.
- All information set in your guild-specific data will be deleted if Cactie gets removed from the guild.

3. Who gets this stored data?

- Settings data is available to administrators of your guild through the settings command. - Reaction role data is available to administrators of your guild through the reactionroles command.

4. What else?

- The developer may at times join any server Cactie is in for any good reason (usually for testing purposes or if there's a server-specific error), the invite link is not shared with anyone else and will leave the server afterwards. (This rarely happens)